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Saturday, January 6th, 2007
8:54 pm
Panda Sneezes

Panda Sneezes
"Panda Sneezes" on Google Video
Sneezing panda, priceless!
Such a cut Baby!
Monday, May 30th, 2005
8:00 pm
It has been an eternity...
Hey people, I know it has been a really long time, tell you how, I fell in love, I have changed my last name since the last entry, my zip code is from a different country (well it was so before too), I am in between a Master's degree and that means also in preparation of a thesis, me can you imagine a thesis! Well, that's about it...oh yeah and I cook now, trust me it is a big deal. That is a helluva lot of "change". Even though they say it is for the best(change), I think this time it is. Im happy and quite satisfied-what else do you need, right? Well, aparently a car, bigger house, new shoes, more clothes, vacations in the Fiji's and well a pet, that's all...not much, eh?
Well, hope all have been as lucky as me, in their life, I would love to know...I have no idea who reads this now. Well, I have come to write some more of my life - so if anyone's reading Im here for a while more. Had a good break...good to be back. Guess how I got inspired, from my own writings-hah! Ok, take care, see you around.

Current Mood: awake
Sunday, November 4th, 2001
10:32 pm
It is that time...
It is that time, when you feel no one loves you,
It is that time, when the you're listening to the end note of your favorite song,
It is that time, when all you want to do is sit back and relax your Sunday afternoon,
It is that time, when you want your mom to give you a surprise hug,
It is that time, when you think life could be better but what the hell...,
It is that time, when the person sitting next to you shares her text book with you,
It is that time, when the garden is empty and you feel like running as fast as you can through it,
It is that time, when your waiting for that one Birthday card or letter to come through the mail,
It is that time, 12:01a.m,
It is that time, when life seems to be zipping past you and you are standing out of it seeing it go,
It is that time, when you come over some simple fear of yours like standing on the 10th floor and looking down,
It is that time, when you felt the PAIN and cried your eyes out,
It is that time, when you were 6-years old and you were learning to swallow a tablet.

These times, one second of your life. One moment, which you can remember all your life and somehow your LTM just chooses not to give it up. These are the times which you cherish and might have a tear-drop when you think about it. But just that time, and then you move on and probably you have created another moment. Enjoy!=)

Current Mood: crushed
Wednesday, October 17th, 2001
2:55 pm
OKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk....any guesses?????? WHY I AM SOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED????? NO YES NO YES! Well PEOPLE, the second trailor to the movie K3G has beed released on INDIAFM.com and ALL THE SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I am not saying anything about the songs...you guys hear and tell me. But the trailor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ufffffffffffffff.....PANKHA!!!Oh my Goddddd...SRK is HOTTT! He looks awesome in the first kurta that they show him in. The other Kurta HR and SRK are wearing the same kind. Kareena looks good, her dress is pretty as well as the color. Kajol...mann she is cute...and what else can I say, I havnt known a soul who doesnt like her! Though the "golden" couple is hardly shown, just a little, mainly focused on the two other couples. I have watched the trailor already a couple of times, and I will keep watching...so you guys should see it at least once! Ok, boring you? That is my job! But job's done. Hear the music, see the trailor and tell me about it. By the way, Payal, Tejal hates you, WHY? you gave out the story for K3G. Anyway, got to go...study, what did you think, I will do? Go watch a comedy-romantic movie in my personal home theatre and wait for my 21st birthday and then break open a Champagne, and enjoy it with fresh strawberries and chocolate sauce-hey, think again? Enjoy!!!=)

Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, September 30th, 2001
9:43 pm
Clock ticking...
Clock ticking, hands full of foam,
Red suede shoes, golden brown watercolor,
Umberallas opened to dry, walkman playing,
Small holes in the carpet, "Nutties" all over,
Staring at a green caterpillar, hopping around at home,
Candles waiting to be lit, rocking chair laying silent,
Plain old furniture, free pigeons on the roof,
Sun rays through the back window, bowl of curd,
Long rolls of tissue, noise of slippers on the stairs,
Packet food a rarity, polish smell in the dresser,
Soft fresh towels, numerous pillows and stuffed toys,
Esteem high in the air, antiseptic in the drawer,
Smell of incense, couple of sneezes,
Slow-dripping tap, basket of fruits,

Unconditional love and unending care...


Hey, too much in a mood to write, so I thought I will write and with it I will also try to explain what I am writing about or else I will get list of HUHs???
This is no peom, it is just remembering things from home. Things from everyday life, some need a little explaination like free pigeons on the roof, it is because we have a terrace and there are lots of pigeons perching, so that is where I get it from. Then noise of slippers on the stairs, is when someone comes down in my house, we make a lot of noise while coming down the stairs. And also, it is hint for my bro and me to off the TV and start studying when my mom comes down!;) So well dont go asking what is that and this? It is stuff from home, and I think most of us away from home should make a list like this, it might help! So go ahead and write it down, it's fun! Take care...

Current Mood: reflective
Friday, September 28th, 2001
3:06 pm
I SAW!!! I SAW!!!!!
Heyyyyyyyy Guysssssss,
Guess what I saw??? YEPPPP, the first trailor of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! I am so excited, dont know why? Well, Duuuuhhhhhhh, Shahrukh Movie!!! Ohhhh, by the way, if anybody wants to go see it, I guess me would be a good person to ask, right? Ok, go either to www.teenstation.com or www.indiafm.com, and if you normally go to www.radiosargam.com..haha they dont have it! So, it is not like a WOW, fall-on-my-ass trailor, just the big starcast and all. You know Amitabh and Jaya B., Shahrukh and Kajol and Hrithik and Kareena. I heard it is about parents, loving and respecting them and all. So, it should be a decent movie. Cool, so go check it out, if more come out I'll let ya'll know. People stay cool and take care.=)

Current Mood: ecstatic
Wednesday, September 26th, 2001
11:47 pm
It is a mystery...
Glass pieces on the floor.
Too many images.
There has to be a way out.
To find it, is a mystery,
And to follow it, a bigger one.
It is that time when things are slow.
Simplest things are difficult.
But they have always said:
Time does not stop, it never has.
When things come together,
It is perfect, almost flawless.
But did you know?
Flawless has another name = Temporary.
Why? Dont ask! It has always been a mystery,
And to follow it, a bigger one.
Nothing lasts, nor pain nor gain.
So, like an unending circle,
It will spin on and on.
No one knows what it brings next?
It is a mystery, and to follow it...


Hi, I was bored, and nothing came to my mind, but this crap that i made up. I just wrote it, cause let's say I was: BORED - DUH! So, please dont comment on this, I know it is crappy, just let it be! Take care of yourselves...

Current Mood: bored
Tuesday, September 18th, 2001
9:31 pm
Love is for the Movies and the Extraordinary...
Hey guyzzz, Long time eh? I know, came back-college-classes-boredom-procratination...and you know how it goes... So, you probably think, "arre, after such a long time this woman comes and what does she write about - Love! and that to for movies and extraordinary???" - What the hell is she upto now? Yeh, well if anybody has me on their MSN Messenger Buddy list you know what my name is right now, 'if you do not understand me - Get Confused!', well, that is exactly what I have come here to do today, to get you confused about what I am going to write, so you now know why my title is so funny/confusing.
Well, I just finished watching Dil to Pagal Hai, for I guess the 1000th time, and also it made me think, don't you think that only in movies or only lucky people actually fall in love... So, according to me these lucky people are the "extraordinary" people. I mean come on, first you get lucky and you meet each other, then you get even luckier and you actually get along (besides the small ladai-jhagda) and find each other interesting, and then to top it all of, you think Marriage is best for you! Wow, match made in heaven or what??? For me I think I will leave all this to my parents! Haa bhai, who wants to do all this khit-pit, find someone-like/love him/her-go out for what I may call ages(sometimes behind people's back, or khulam khula)-then proclaim your love, not only to her/him but the "FAMILY", (mum, dad, bhaiya, mama, kaki, chachi, bhatigi)-and then finally tie the knot.
Time...mann...time, and it can get even be more paichidaa if your/their "FAMILY" has a problem with the rishta. So, I decided, "shodo yeh pyar-vyar, kuch nahin rakha hai is mein, I am doing arranged marriage, which will live and let live!" Arranged Marriage is what make a check list, see whom your parents have chosen, then see-he has mostaches(cross)-he does not smoke(plus point)-shows off a little(not good)-he likes shahrukh khan(Jackpot)...(Payal, I am kidding!!!). But that is it, if you don't like him - tata babe, and if you do - jhat mangni pat vivah.
So, all those people in love, or whichever part of the story you are at, best of luck. Even though I dont quiet believe in it, I will say "the whole world loves a lover", I will always support those "extraordinary" people.
So, now to make it confusing/more confusing (that is if you got confused till here), view this simple equation I made =
Love is an emotion.
Anger is an emotion.
Love = Anger (because they both are emotions).
Anger can be lessened/controlled/eliminated(elimination is only possible at times).
Hmm...you figure the rest...

Take Care...

Current Mood: restless
Thursday, August 9th, 2001
8:13 am
Hello, I think I am just going to explain the poem I just put below. Basically it is a kind of a metaphor, Noise is for Life and Silence is for Death. It starts with saying that Noise is with me, which means the person is alive and she has people all around her. And Silence, which is Death, is not in the picture. Death is something Life makes us hide from, makes us look front ahead and concentrate on ourselves. It goes on saying sometimes Noise irritates her and she wants to quit, so she tries the option of Death, as in fail and not work or plans on commiting suicide. She attempts it, but she is saved, for one second when she was going to die, she realizes it was not a good idea. Just like people give up everything, and they soon realize, life is more miserable than they had before.
So, to sum it up, a person should be patient and wait for things to improve, because it will change! And not to think of giving-up or try ending things forever, because that is not the answer to our problems, rather an addition.
So, hope I have tried and cleared up the puzzling picture of this poem. Ok I do not know when I will be writing next in this journal, because I am going for a while to India. So I will see you guys little later...take care of yourselves. tata...

Current Mood: crappy
Wednesday, August 8th, 2001
12:46 am
Noise and silence...
She walks with Noise and -
Silence is one step behind them,
She remembers noise being with her,
All the time, from when she was born,
When she was in school, college,
On the other hand, Silence,
Was always a step back,
Never in the way, just always THERE,
She had asked Noise,
Why does Silence always walk one step behind?
Noise said "you will know one day",
And everytime she asked, Noise always said
"one day, have patience, you will know",
So time flew, Noise never left her side,
She was happy with it, but at times
It got on her nerves, and she wanted to QUIT,
Till one day, she could not take it anymore,
She had had it till here with her patience,
Once when Noise was not watching,
She stepped BACK!
It was a big BANG, like LIGHTING and THUNDER,
Then she did not hear a thing,
Everything was gone,
No more Noise and she lay there alone,
The step behind was a big mistake,
She soon found herself struggling,
Struggling to free herself from Silence,
It was a battle, and she thought of Noise,
And hoped that it would be here,
Just then another big BANG,
And as she recovered from it,
She was standing with Noise again,
She was overjoyed, but Noise was unhappy,
And furious also, she said,
"you let your impatience control you",
She was ashamed and also mad at herself,
She swore never to make that mistake again,
She was happy to stand by Noise again,
Whenever she felt a little down,
Or if it got too difficult,
She knew there was a way to get out - SOMEHOW,
She knew Noise was there,
Right next to her, and always ready to help,
She never thought of Silence,
It stood behind her for a long time,
She knew one day she would be forced,
Forced - to loose her freedom,
To give up herself, and no one could help,
Not even Noise, but till then,
She had Noise, by her side always,
And that Silence would just have to WAIT!


Hey Guys, tell me if you understood the background theme to this poem. Well, anyway till later...have a nice day/night. And enjoy! Someone said "we don't know when we will die, but till we are alive, we should enjoy life's joys and surprises"

Current Mood: sleepy
Friday, August 3rd, 2001
12:50 am
Nothing on Me...
Heyy, I have not put any song lyrics in my
journal so far. I guess there is always a first time. So, here is a song which is the theme for the sitcom "Suddenly Susan". I like that serial, it is funny, kind of coocky! Anyway, this song is by Shawn Colvin, from her album-A Few Small Repairs. And I think even though there is not much in the lyrics, if you hear it, I am sure you will like the song. Here we go...

Nothing on me...

Well I don't tell jokes
And I don't take notes
You been sayin there ain't much hope
You got nothin on me
I got friends uptown
And they don't talk down
They been keepin me safe and sound
We got somethin to be

So in case you hadn't noticed
I'm alright
Not like I was before
Things used to be so hopeless
But not tonight
Tonight I'm walkin out that door

I'm not gonna cry
I'm wavin goodbye
And I know this time
You got nothin on me

Well it ain't that tough
Just more of the usual stuff
One heartache is more than enough
There ain't nothin to see

I got friends uptown
And they still come 'round
They been keepin me safe and sound
We got somethin to be

So don't you try to save me
With your advice
Or turn me into somebody else
Cuz I'm not crazy and you're not nice
Baby keep it to yourself

I'm not gonna cry
And I'm wavin goodbye
And I know this time
You got nothin on me...

Current Mood: blank
Monday, July 30th, 2001
12:35 am
Land of Apes...
No, I did not see "Planet of the Apes", I went to the zoo! And it was great! Yeh all zoos are great, I have not been to any zoo or aquarium or animal shelter which I said I did not enjoy the trip. Cause I love animals!!! I am a big animal lover, like many other things I may not show it, but hey people-who does?
So, how did you like it? Did anything happen? What animals did you get to see? Did you play with any? Yes, these are the "general" questions people ask when you go to the zoo. Well, yeh I had a good time, no, no snake bit me so nothing great happened, I saw elephants, tigers, lions, turtles, polar bears etc., no I did not get to play with any animal in this zoo. There I answered most of the questions. But there is more to this entry than these questions.

In the zoo, there was a section called "Congo", it was obviously mainly with all kinds of monkeys, birds, reptiles from the Congo basin in Africa. They had a film on how and why the rain forests were at risk of loosing its identity and also how people should help. Day by day these forests which decrease in terms of area have an adverse effect on the animals also, which means many animals are becoming endangered. And this leads to many animals becoming extinct in huge numbers everyday. One of the animals in much danger in the Congo are the Gorillas. The ape which is closet to the origin of humans, they also have characteristics very simialr to the humans. Usually very shy creatures, and always moving in big groups, their physical structure is also very alike to humans. When the film got over, the exit led to the section where they had caged all the gorillas. And it was just "unbelievable". There were at least a dozen, all over the place. I just want to mention how a few were behaving because it was really impressive. The first one I saw was sitting in the center with his face explaining "yeh ok whoever, move on to the next cage". There were a couple at the back, probably young, who were fighting or just plain playing. This one is the best, a huge female sitting under a tree, who had her hands on her ears, the whole time I was there, and I was there a good 15 minutes. She was trying to say-"Hear no evil/Bura mat suno". Then another one was on the top of tree and for some reason he loved his perching place, and I do not think he was any mood to come down-happy to be where the clouds are. On the far right side of the cage there was a baby gorilla in the arms of the mother. When the mother picked its child, it felt very different from how we handle human kids, but she held it so skillfully, not harming the baby one bit.

It was a really cool sight. There was just an inch thick glass between these two creatures, one a predecessor and the other the offspring of evolution. One side, there was a creature who was unhappy to be where it was put, and on the other, not many were also happy with where they were in life. All the people present there knew that they came from that one speices behind the the glass, who were presently-captive. Everyone being amused at the little antics and waving of the hands they did, not once thinking we see those same things everyday in our ownselves. There were whispers, shouts and conversations in Taiwnese, in Spanish, in English, in Gujarati and in an African language, and it was amazing to think that once upon a time they were just noises the creatures from the other side of the glass made. Today the noises are heard and the characteristics are seen similar but yet one is free and the other is captive. One gave life to the other, and now their own life is in peril, and the only way it can get out of this peril is to ask the same people who put them in it!

People probably think "yeh she wrote it, she said the truth, but what is she going to do about it?". Just one answer(or is it a question?), when you do something noble does everyone know?

Current Mood: hopeful
Thursday, July 26th, 2001
5:45 pm
You should listen to the REMIXED version of Mehbooba mehbooba, somehow I prefer that, excellent beats! Check it out, it is on www.indiafm.com - ROCK AWAY!
2:34 pm
I have had real problems in thinking of a good topic to write, and I am sure you can see the result, I am writing after like over a week later. Anyway, I am yet unsuccessful in finding a good topic.
But, I have decided to bore you guys anyway, so I shall write about something.

Everyone seems to be in constant movement...

"Every" club in the town in serving chilled
martinis. There is a scent of smoke all over the place. Dj making the crowd dance to "Get your
freak on" remixed with some 'bhangra' tune.
There is one for everyone in that ten inch by twelve inch dance floor-the center. Booties to the ground, and hands in the air. Some have no time to stop and see the people around them, in constant awe of the person whose arms encircle them, but the others cannot wait to get out of the otherones' arms.
Outside the dance floor, rich jerks hitting on the leftover sexy legs, who are yet waiting for someone to get them from out of the way to the center. All that went wrong is that, that bitch/dog arrived before they did.
Some odd freaks wishing the jerks would care to look at them, leave aside the flirting. Puffing heavily and eying on the bartenders. Going forth at every opportunity to refill and tipping big bills.
The bartenders are ogling at the untouchable masterpieces in the center and are distracted while they make yet another drink. Trying to make sense, why am I here, instead of there?

Everyone seems to be in constant movement...in a constant circular movement...


Sometimes, these top of the head thoughts, mean nothing...but hey what the hell, it is a place for my thoughts!
PS- You have to listen to my current song, from the movie Ajnabee-Mehbooba mehbooba...(I cannot stop snapping to it).

Current Mood: chipper
Thursday, July 12th, 2001
8:22 pm
Yes long gone, but back...
Hello, Yes I know it has been a loooong time since I have written. Well, most of you know I went for a holiday, which was good-Thank you! And it is over now, so back to studies and the same old story...
Well, talking about story I saw "Shrek", and according to me it was a great movie. It is a kind of a fairy tale mixture, but all those who have it in the theatres near you - GO WATCH IT! This probably sounds like a movie advertisement, I am promoting for Shrek, they should give me something, don't you think so?
Anyway, don't answer the last question, I had two main purposes for writing this journal entry, firstly I'M BACK! And also the last journal entry which was a poem, some people seem to have a problem interpreting it. So, I am just going to clear that out. Ok, someone thought I had a foster mother, well I don't! I have a really great biological mother. We even have the same blood group, yes that may not be the best proof, but whoever wants to do a DNA test-go ahead, the results will be that we are mother and daughter. I love my maa, and this poem had absolutely nothing to do with it. This was just a poem/stanza on the top of my head, and I thought it would be nice to put it down, but I guessed wrong. So, next time my poems will be coffee scented and peachy clean ones. And what the hell I got compliments on that one anyway.
And for those people who did not get the theme of the poem, it is about a girl who has an over protective mother, who keeps her in a protected shell. This is what I think an over-protective mother would do to her child.
Oops, too long! I get carried away sometimes (some people must be thinking - sometimes...yeh right!). Well, all I can say I will be writing again so whoever reads this, hope you come back to read more tommorrow, or go to hell(JK)! If it is day when you read this-hope the rest of your day goes well, and if it is night-have a nighty-nite! Take care...

Current Mood: rejuvenated
Thursday, June 28th, 2001
1:50 am
I have never seen the sun set...
I came from a balloon,
The balloon owner died soon after.
She made me another balloon,
She told me, I was her own,
There was never a day of my toddler life -
When her set of eyes were not on me,
Either her instincts were too strong,
Or she had none!
No boy 'got away' with breaking my nose,
I had few friends,
And even fewer "boy" friends,
I had to be back before twilight,
And so till today I havn't seen the sun set,
I have never experienced starvation,
Love was expressed with cakes, a VCR, new dresses & pearls and a wedding,
I had never experienced being a daughter.

Today, my over-protective foster mother is in the last stage of the HIV infection(A.I.D.S), and all she is worried about is I will not get my alimony.
The balloon is dissolving...


Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, June 26th, 2001
12:16 am
Memories of Dreams...
Smell of freshly brewed coffee,
Feeling the sun tear your face,
Touch and feel of the wet soil,
Messed up hair in a bun,
Bold Times Roman font in the headlines,
Smothering noise of the neighbour sneezing,
Scent of strawberry or peach soap,
Taste of herbal warm tea with honey,
Stiffness of the lip when the tongue smacks it,
Gentle vrrrrrom of the vaccum from upstairs,
Slow jazz in the background-
With the solo of the drummer,
Darkness before the first ray of light,
Long stretches and breaking bones,
Spilt milk, on the train schedules,
Black and white fur on all your pillow covers,
Taste of mint in your mouth,
Dark yellow color of the flower,

Light memory of the dreams...

GOOD MORNING, to all ya folks out there! Rise and shine it is a bright n sunny day today, on the 26th day of the month of June. Wake up for it is 7a.m. and this is your friendly host calling from 107.5FM...


Current Mood: grateful
Sunday, June 24th, 2001
11:36 pm
Everyday there is someone in the news-that one person saved another's life from the scorching fire on the roof-top, that someone saved an animal from being crushed by a huge vehicle or one risked her life and managed to rescue a two-year old from an abusive mother. We hear such incidents day in and day out, feeling peaceful that someone out there got saved and was helped. Sometimes we get lost in thought thinking that one day we might be heros in our own lives. May be we might be of some little help to someone, whether to save someone's life or just improve the present situation they are in. We like to be praised and being the center of attention once in a while. And that inner deep feeling that someone was lucky enough to find help and get out of their terrible situations.
Probably most of us will never know what it is to be saved, or even so, what it feels to save someone form tragic incidents, but we will always feel that feeling of somethingness when we hear of news from someone or on the TV or in the daily paper. In our hearts we will be proud that humanity is not yet dead. There were and will always be people who will be saved and people who will risk their lives for some total stranger, heros. And they may or may not be on TV or on the paper or may be noone will ever know about them, but the survivor will always be grateful for that last minute action which saved him/her from the jaws of death.

That feeling is deep
Untouched and secretive,
We all have it, somewhere...
Just too immeasurable to dig in.
But they say things happen
At the most unheard-of times,
Miracles, they are a good example.
Times like those we feel ONE
And noone can seem to break the dome
We all have it, somewhere...
Just too immeasurable to dig in.


So, till later folks-take care of yourselves!

Current Mood: Inspired
Wednesday, June 20th, 2001
6:37 am
Home is where the HEART is...
Hey, I have not written for while but like I said earlier on, I am a lazy bum! I will take my own sweet time to do anything. So, anyway, how have you guys been? Happy, joyful:D, tired, stressed!, cranky:(, irritating...? Well, it is your pick, whatever mood it is you are in, it will pass that is all I can say.
Ok, what am i writing about today? Home, yeh, Home Sweet Home! Well, I know some people may not believe my subject - Home is where the Heart is...-is true, but there are some who will. Because after a big long, tiring, and exhausssssting day, you are glad to be back to the familiar old Home! Eventhough at times when after that biiiiiiig long day you enter through the door and your mom/maa is ready for an "early" spring-cleaning, and it is starting with your own room- sure home is the place you love!
The best thing about home is Family(no kiddin!). Let's face it, without them it would be just a "house"(as the cliche goes), but when you have your dad, mom, bro, sis, baby, dog, cat...it is a "perfect" home. How many ever there are, it is your family- your own flesh and blood. According to me(and only according to ME), I think I will find "unconditional love" for my immediate family, and no one else. I do not think I will ever love anybody the way I love my family. But that is just me!
I will love my family, even when I will start the Third World War with my brother. Or I will have to argue my guts out with my mom for wearing that little out-of-era dress, to a family gathering. And may be bite my sister's ear off for telling my one-hour-long-talks with my friend to my dad. Or when I can strangle my dog for peeing on the ONE good pair of shoes I had. But at the end, if the situation ever demands, I would give my life for them! Don't belive it right? Well I am sure all those people who disagree right now with me, when in that situation you will do the same!
Anyway, this family stuff that I am writing it reminds me of family dinners, like thanksgiving or just a Friday nite - Family nite! Where you have a few more members, may be the daughter's husband/son's wife, that good ol' Aunt Lily(Lily Aunty), and that pesky nephew or sugary-sweet neice. I can actually imagine the whole scene, ten or more pairs of hands grabbing at the food, like it is the last of it(sometimes it may be, but only the host knows about it). And people talking to the persons they are sitting next to("Did you hear about so-and-so, she was engaged and..."), and the kids making unending noise("Ma, tell him he is pulling my hair"-"No, I was seeing that clip she has on"), and the host asking each and everyone if thay want anything?("Some more potatoes, darling?" or "Oh, you have had nothing, take some more of...").
Believe me , eventhough you want to have a nice peaceful dinner with people close to you and talk about pleasant topics- FORGET IT! You will never find that moment or even as a matter of fact that ONE topic everybody will talk about. But they are fun, they are very turbulent(like a hurricane has hit your living room?-BINGO!), but they are family and FUN(no kiddin!)
So, to all those people who are close to family or far from family, be glad you have one! Not many are lucky as YOU with a family. And what do people do when they realise they are lucky? They say "thanks" to people, who made them lucky! So, you know what to do now, so go do it! See you later and take care!

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Thursday, June 14th, 2001
12:02 pm
Imagination Unlimited...
How is it going with you guys? Having long or short days? Well, Life does move on ultimately, doesn't it?
Anyway, I was just thinking of this last night, the immense power of imagination that we have. At this moment you are probably sitting at home or in the library's computer lab, and of course in front of the PC/Lappy screen, and reading this entry I have put in today. But just that one place you are sitting, the chair or the sofa, you can just close your eyes and you can be transported to the top of an active volcano site or that pavement, which your hind(i.e.ass) is seated on, is loaded with 12 inches of snow, or you can actually smell those flowers, which you received on your graduation, birthday, anniversary, etc..., or taste that dish, which burnt your tongue, standing in the rain or...I could go on and on and that is because there are so many things you can think of or just simply make-up, and your brain will guarantee a safe(not-a-bumpy) and pleasant journey to whereever it is you want to go.
They (Behaviorist) say these things that we make-up or just fantasise about, in our head, are something we have learnt. We have to have seen the scenes that we imagine or think of before in our lives. Either in real life, as in an experience, or on TV or some kind of visual/audio way. So, that kind of made me started thinking - whoever was the first person who thoguht of an alien! I mean even if he saw it on TV, then the person who put it on TV must have had an experience or seen it somewhere! Either the person who thought of it had a bizarre mind or...you know the possibilty! Spooky, eh? Not to worry, we will not be the first person who WILL OR WILL NOT believe in ALIENS! So, relax, take a deep breath...move on think of the places you want your brain to take you today! Enjoy wherever you go and take care!

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