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Home is where the HEART is...

Hey, I have not written for while but like I said earlier on, I am a lazy bum! I will take my own sweet time to do anything. So, anyway, how have you guys been? Happy, joyful:D, tired, stressed!, cranky:(, irritating...? Well, it is your pick, whatever mood it is you are in, it will pass that is all I can say.
Ok, what am i writing about today? Home, yeh, Home Sweet Home! Well, I know some people may not believe my subject - Home is where the Heart is...-is true, but there are some who will. Because after a big long, tiring, and exhausssssting day, you are glad to be back to the familiar old Home! Eventhough at times when after that biiiiiiig long day you enter through the door and your mom/maa is ready for an "early" spring-cleaning, and it is starting with your own room- sure home is the place you love!
The best thing about home is Family(no kiddin!). Let's face it, without them it would be just a "house"(as the cliche goes), but when you have your dad, mom, bro, sis, baby, dog, is a "perfect" home. How many ever there are, it is your family- your own flesh and blood. According to me(and only according to ME), I think I will find "unconditional love" for my immediate family, and no one else. I do not think I will ever love anybody the way I love my family. But that is just me!
I will love my family, even when I will start the Third World War with my brother. Or I will have to argue my guts out with my mom for wearing that little out-of-era dress, to a family gathering. And may be bite my sister's ear off for telling my one-hour-long-talks with my friend to my dad. Or when I can strangle my dog for peeing on the ONE good pair of shoes I had. But at the end, if the situation ever demands, I would give my life for them! Don't belive it right? Well I am sure all those people who disagree right now with me, when in that situation you will do the same!
Anyway, this family stuff that I am writing it reminds me of family dinners, like thanksgiving or just a Friday nite - Family nite! Where you have a few more members, may be the daughter's husband/son's wife, that good ol' Aunt Lily(Lily Aunty), and that pesky nephew or sugary-sweet neice. I can actually imagine the whole scene, ten or more pairs of hands grabbing at the food, like it is the last of it(sometimes it may be, but only the host knows about it). And people talking to the persons they are sitting next to("Did you hear about so-and-so, she was engaged and..."), and the kids making unending noise("Ma, tell him he is pulling my hair"-"No, I was seeing that clip she has on"), and the host asking each and everyone if thay want anything?("Some more potatoes, darling?" or "Oh, you have had nothing, take some more of...").
Believe me , eventhough you want to have a nice peaceful dinner with people close to you and talk about pleasant topics- FORGET IT! You will never find that moment or even as a matter of fact that ONE topic everybody will talk about. But they are fun, they are very turbulent(like a hurricane has hit your living room?-BINGO!), but they are family and FUN(no kiddin!)
So, to all those people who are close to family or far from family, be glad you have one! Not many are lucky as YOU with a family. And what do people do when they realise they are lucky? They say "thanks" to people, who made them lucky! So, you know what to do now, so go do it! See you later and take care!
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