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I have never seen the sun set...

I came from a balloon,
The balloon owner died soon after.
She made me another balloon,
She told me, I was her own,
There was never a day of my toddler life -
When her set of eyes were not on me,
Either her instincts were too strong,
Or she had none!
No boy 'got away' with breaking my nose,
I had few friends,
And even fewer "boy" friends,
I had to be back before twilight,
And so till today I havn't seen the sun set,
I have never experienced starvation,
Love was expressed with cakes, a VCR, new dresses & pearls and a wedding,
I had never experienced being a daughter.

Today, my over-protective foster mother is in the last stage of the HIV infection(A.I.D.S), and all she is worried about is I will not get my alimony.
The balloon is dissolving...

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