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Yes long gone, but back...

Hello, Yes I know it has been a loooong time since I have written. Well, most of you know I went for a holiday, which was good-Thank you! And it is over now, so back to studies and the same old story...
Well, talking about story I saw "Shrek", and according to me it was a great movie. It is a kind of a fairy tale mixture, but all those who have it in the theatres near you - GO WATCH IT! This probably sounds like a movie advertisement, I am promoting for Shrek, they should give me something, don't you think so?
Anyway, don't answer the last question, I had two main purposes for writing this journal entry, firstly I'M BACK! And also the last journal entry which was a poem, some people seem to have a problem interpreting it. So, I am just going to clear that out. Ok, someone thought I had a foster mother, well I don't! I have a really great biological mother. We even have the same blood group, yes that may not be the best proof, but whoever wants to do a DNA test-go ahead, the results will be that we are mother and daughter. I love my maa, and this poem had absolutely nothing to do with it. This was just a poem/stanza on the top of my head, and I thought it would be nice to put it down, but I guessed wrong. So, next time my poems will be coffee scented and peachy clean ones. And what the hell I got compliments on that one anyway.
And for those people who did not get the theme of the poem, it is about a girl who has an over protective mother, who keeps her in a protected shell. This is what I think an over-protective mother would do to her child.
Oops, too long! I get carried away sometimes (some people must be thinking - sometimes...yeh right!). Well, all I can say I will be writing again so whoever reads this, hope you come back to read more tommorrow, or go to hell(JK)! If it is day when you read this-hope the rest of your day goes well, and if it is night-have a nighty-nite! Take care...
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