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I have had real problems in thinking of a good topic to write, and I am sure you can see the result, I am writing after like over a week later. Anyway, I am yet unsuccessful in finding a good topic.
But, I have decided to bore you guys anyway, so I shall write about something.

Everyone seems to be in constant movement...

"Every" club in the town in serving chilled
martinis. There is a scent of smoke all over the place. Dj making the crowd dance to "Get your
freak on" remixed with some 'bhangra' tune.
There is one for everyone in that ten inch by twelve inch dance floor-the center. Booties to the ground, and hands in the air. Some have no time to stop and see the people around them, in constant awe of the person whose arms encircle them, but the others cannot wait to get out of the otherones' arms.
Outside the dance floor, rich jerks hitting on the leftover sexy legs, who are yet waiting for someone to get them from out of the way to the center. All that went wrong is that, that bitch/dog arrived before they did.
Some odd freaks wishing the jerks would care to look at them, leave aside the flirting. Puffing heavily and eying on the bartenders. Going forth at every opportunity to refill and tipping big bills.
The bartenders are ogling at the untouchable masterpieces in the center and are distracted while they make yet another drink. Trying to make sense, why am I here, instead of there?

Everyone seems to be in constant a constant circular movement...


Sometimes, these top of the head thoughts, mean nothing...but hey what the hell, it is a place for my thoughts!
PS- You have to listen to my current song, from the movie Ajnabee-Mehbooba mehbooba...(I cannot stop snapping to it).
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