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Hello, I think I am just going to explain the poem I just put below. Basically it is a kind of a metaphor, Noise is for Life and Silence is for Death. It starts with saying that Noise is with me, which means the person is alive and she has people all around her. And Silence, which is Death, is not in the picture. Death is something Life makes us hide from, makes us look front ahead and concentrate on ourselves. It goes on saying sometimes Noise irritates her and she wants to quit, so she tries the option of Death, as in fail and not work or plans on commiting suicide. She attempts it, but she is saved, for one second when she was going to die, she realizes it was not a good idea. Just like people give up everything, and they soon realize, life is more miserable than they had before.
So, to sum it up, a person should be patient and wait for things to improve, because it will change! And not to think of giving-up or try ending things forever, because that is not the answer to our problems, rather an addition.
So, hope I have tried and cleared up the puzzling picture of this poem. Ok I do not know when I will be writing next in this journal, because I am going for a while to India. So I will see you guys little later...take care of yourselves. tata...
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