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Love is for the Movies and the Extraordinary...

Hey guyzzz, Long time eh? I know, came back-college-classes-boredom-procratination...and you know how it goes... So, you probably think, "arre, after such a long time this woman comes and what does she write about - Love! and that to for movies and extraordinary???" - What the hell is she upto now? Yeh, well if anybody has me on their MSN Messenger Buddy list you know what my name is right now, 'if you do not understand me - Get Confused!', well, that is exactly what I have come here to do today, to get you confused about what I am going to write, so you now know why my title is so funny/confusing.
Well, I just finished watching Dil to Pagal Hai, for I guess the 1000th time, and also it made me think, don't you think that only in movies or only lucky people actually fall in love... So, according to me these lucky people are the "extraordinary" people. I mean come on, first you get lucky and you meet each other, then you get even luckier and you actually get along (besides the small ladai-jhagda) and find each other interesting, and then to top it all of, you think Marriage is best for you! Wow, match made in heaven or what??? For me I think I will leave all this to my parents! Haa bhai, who wants to do all this khit-pit, find someone-like/love him/her-go out for what I may call ages(sometimes behind people's back, or khulam khula)-then proclaim your love, not only to her/him but the "FAMILY", (mum, dad, bhaiya, mama, kaki, chachi, bhatigi)-and then finally tie the knot.
Time...mann...time, and it can get even be more paichidaa if your/their "FAMILY" has a problem with the rishta. So, I decided, "shodo yeh pyar-vyar, kuch nahin rakha hai is mein, I am doing arranged marriage, which will live and let live!" Arranged Marriage is what make a check list, see whom your parents have chosen, then see-he has mostaches(cross)-he does not smoke(plus point)-shows off a little(not good)-he likes shahrukh khan(Jackpot)...(Payal, I am kidding!!!). But that is it, if you don't like him - tata babe, and if you do - jhat mangni pat vivah.
So, all those people in love, or whichever part of the story you are at, best of luck. Even though I dont quiet believe in it, I will say "the whole world loves a lover", I will always support those "extraordinary" people.
So, now to make it confusing/more confusing (that is if you got confused till here), view this simple equation I made =
Love is an emotion.
Anger is an emotion.
Love = Anger (because they both are emotions).
Anger can be lessened/controlled/eliminated(elimination is only possible at times). figure the rest...

Take Care...
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