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It is a mystery...

Glass pieces on the floor.
Too many images.
There has to be a way out.
To find it, is a mystery,
And to follow it, a bigger one.
It is that time when things are slow.
Simplest things are difficult.
But they have always said:
Time does not stop, it never has.
When things come together,
It is perfect, almost flawless.
But did you know?
Flawless has another name = Temporary.
Why? Dont ask! It has always been a mystery,
And to follow it, a bigger one.
Nothing lasts, nor pain nor gain.
So, like an unending circle,
It will spin on and on.
No one knows what it brings next?
It is a mystery, and to follow it...


Hi, I was bored, and nothing came to my mind, but this crap that i made up. I just wrote it, cause let's say I was: BORED - DUH! So, please dont comment on this, I know it is crappy, just let it be! Take care of yourselves...
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