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Clock ticking...

Clock ticking, hands full of foam,
Red suede shoes, golden brown watercolor,
Umberallas opened to dry, walkman playing,
Small holes in the carpet, "Nutties" all over,
Staring at a green caterpillar, hopping around at home,
Candles waiting to be lit, rocking chair laying silent,
Plain old furniture, free pigeons on the roof,
Sun rays through the back window, bowl of curd,
Long rolls of tissue, noise of slippers on the stairs,
Packet food a rarity, polish smell in the dresser,
Soft fresh towels, numerous pillows and stuffed toys,
Esteem high in the air, antiseptic in the drawer,
Smell of incense, couple of sneezes,
Slow-dripping tap, basket of fruits,

Unconditional love and unending care...


Hey, too much in a mood to write, so I thought I will write and with it I will also try to explain what I am writing about or else I will get list of HUHs???
This is no peom, it is just remembering things from home. Things from everyday life, some need a little explaination like free pigeons on the roof, it is because we have a terrace and there are lots of pigeons perching, so that is where I get it from. Then noise of slippers on the stairs, is when someone comes down in my house, we make a lot of noise while coming down the stairs. And also, it is hint for my bro and me to off the TV and start studying when my mom comes down!;) So well dont go asking what is that and this? It is stuff from home, and I think most of us away from home should make a list like this, it might help! So go ahead and write it down, it's fun! Take care...
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