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cappuccino's Journal
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Tuesday, June 12th, 2001
12:01 pm
Colors of the seasons...
I do not know if you people have seen my current mood, it is "hopeful", guess why? I just applied for a job and I am hoping to get it(she said she will call me at the end of the week-does that mean anything? Like yes/no?).
Anyway, I might get it or not, I know I will keep looking for one all summer, I need the extra dough!
So, how is the weather where you are at the moment-if you are close to where I am, then it is hot, yes hot and stuffy. I know in India and other places close to that, it is Monsoon. And I probably somewhere else it is freezing(mann how I wish I was there!). So basically this whole planet is SO big, that you will find one climate where you would want to go to, when the weather where you are staying sucks!
According to me winter is a pleasant season. WAIT! Let me repharase that, Winters are good when it is- January in India, or it is July in Alaska, or it is May in Sydney, Australia. So basically it is not too cold(like snowing and frostbites) and it is not too hot(you desperatley need to wear deo!). It is just perfect(for me atleast)!
In all there are four basic seasons-winter, summer, autumn, spring! Though obvioulsy not every place has all these seasons, some are missing this or that, some have a more of this or that! But if you see every season makes people buy, wear and take stuff for that season.
For example, come spring/monsoon, umberalla vendors are all over the place. Come summer, all the beauty companies exhibit their NEW! Sun-screen lotion and the beaches are flooded, with people! Come winter, those same companies come up with Cold-creams and people are stuck in their homes in front of a fire! Come fall/autumn, leather products and jacket outlets mint money. So, we change with the seasons, we have to(no choice baby!). But at the end of a hot sweaty, freezing cold, soaking and mucky or hair blown into a different hairstyle, we are who we were when we left that door. I will be Krina. Chodhry(whoever that is), and you will be whoever you think you are(unless you are suffering with Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder). So, how much ever you change yourself on the exterior remember you are you...sorry if that is bad news for you.;)
Ok, time for me to say adios, aurevoir, avjo, hade and bye-bye! Take care of yourself whatever the weather is.

Current Mood: hopeful
Monday, June 11th, 2001
5:31 pm
Letting the cat out...
Today I told all my close friends about this diary. And quite a few have replied-THANKS PEOPLE.
So, now on a daily basis I will have to write stuff, but let me remind you people I am a big procrastinator, so you might not hear from me for a while, I will just be too lazy to write.
So, what happened today? Nothing special -classes, (trying to)study, and obviously watching TV. I am one of those people for whom the pharase-"glued to the TV", is perfect! I simply find all my solace and excitment in it- yeh big loser right?
Well, I like it and I enjoy it, and I do not care what people think(I think). My favorite show is none other than "FRIENDS", watch both the re-runs (almost) everyday. Yup...according to me this is the best "Prime-Time" Comedy show. And my favorite is who else?but the famous Joey! Yes, Matt le Blanc, who else would it be anyway?
I also like Jennifer Aniston, I liked her from the first show(like a million years ago). Though I do not know is she is a good actress? Any suggestions? I mean she is good in the serial, but in the movies I have seen she is ok-ok.
Ok, I guess I have written quite a bit, need to get going, ok then in case I do not see you again-Good Night, Good Morning and Good Afternoon!

Current Mood: hungry
Saturday, June 9th, 2001
1:45 pm
A dedication to a net friend...
Sometimes I hate this "virtual" world. In a way you are all alone but when you on your messenger or just checking your new mail you have all these people popping instant messages and sending fowards and mails, from all over the world, just saying HI and telling you how their day has been going and stuff...
I think meeting people online is very easy, I mean you can probably just create a wierd nick and you can chat with them for a while, but it is a miracle if you stay friends for a long time. I made a good friend last year and we have been writing mails ever since. Even sometimes when your schedule is so packed where you don't even have time to have a meal sitting down, we would find the time to write a small email saying "heyy..hello-how r u?".
So, yes I may hate this world wide web, but at the end it has given me quite a few friends. Well, like I said earlier, I hate writing long stuff which mite make the reader sleep like a baby in the next few minutes, so that is all for now, have a great day(if you are on my timing) and have a great nite(if you are on the other side of the world)! Seeyaa...take care...

Current Mood: cheerful
Friday, June 8th, 2001
3:07 pm
It's me again!
Hey me again,
I just realised why people make this diary/journal. Even though I said see you tommorow, I am back sooner!
People get bored and they start to write and talk about stuff which is going on in their lives, personal stuff, general stuff, sometimes knowledgable stuff. Some people brag about what they are experiencing(emotional,excitment,depression,contentment...), some people will simply write straightfoward stuff and probably criticise someone(You mister talk about this and that, how can you say that and this?), some people will say about their immature attraction for some chocolately and deliciously cute guy or some really sexy body-showing gurl in their class/street/club..., some people like to talk of other people-would not call it bitching around(Oh, did you guys hear about that one hooking up with...), some people don't have absolutely no idea what to write about and will keep typing like the way I am.
But at the end, they hopefully will expect few friends to read his/her entries, and he/she will have comments at the end. He/she is happy-people care to read and comment...or do they?

Current Mood: bored
11:52 am
As of now, I have not told a soul about this journal thingy of mine. I am a person who likes keeping secrets...that you must have guessed. Well, one day may be there will be more than one set of eyes that will view this journal/diary. But for now, it is only me! And what the heck, I mean we all come into this world alone and leave alone also, so as of now I am happy it is only me reading this journal. Sorry if I am being a little selfish.
Well, I know this much diaries are a wonderful thing, I have one actual one(where you write). So far I have felt it to be a boxing bag, a fine listener, a person whom I can always kiss on the lips-no strings attached, a big vanilla-chocolate sundae with nuts and one big cherry, the moon, a place far away in the village feilds-behind a lonely house where the only living thing that can hear me are the "plants"...so you see it has been a pretty pleasant thing to me and you can use it at any point of your life.
Well, I know I am a very lazy person, and when someone writes too much and expects me read all that, I get not-so-interested, so I will say "a bien tot" or "phir milenge"...and I will show up tommmorow...even though you may not!

Current Mood: content
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